All the books – and other resources

Less fluff, more stuff today! (Pinning this post.) Also I apparently have a weakness for stuff with ‘perfect’ in the title. This is why I spent a week staring at this post, instead of just publishing it, and acknowledging that it would be under continuous updating.

My first intro to training methods was the generous loan from a friend of mine (over a year ago – still not returned *sorry, Janine*) of a set of books. In no particular order:

  • When Pigs Fly! Training success with impossible dogs. Jane Killion
  • Bringing Light to Shadow. A dog training diary. Pamela S. Dennison
  • Unlock your Dog’s Potential. How to achieve a calm and happy canine. Sarah Fisher
  • 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog. Sarah Fisher and Marie Miller

Books I’ve bought:

  • The Perfect Puppy. Gwen Bailey
  • Agility Right from the Start. Bertilsson and Johnson Vegh
  • Awesome Obedience. A positive training plan for competition success. Hannah Branigan
  • Fired up, Frantic and Freaked Out. Laura VanArendonk Baugh Kindle edition
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.o. Grisha Stewart Kindle edition
  • 10 steps to a Perfect Dog. Nadia Aslam Kindle edition
  • Calm Down. Beverley Courtney Kindle edition

Websites and Podcasts:

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