How to Support your BIPOC Dog Training and Dog Sport Friends

Signal boosting.

Ayoka Bubar BA, CPDT-KA

A Brown Woman in an outdoor Conformation Dog Show ring presents her Rottweiler to a white male judge
I am often the only person of colour at a dog show, or trial. Have you ever wondered what that’s like?

There has been some conflict recently in a dog training community that I consider myself a part of. I know I know, what else is new, right?

This time, the source of this conflict was a seemingly innocuous question. Someone observed that the dog training/dog sports community appeared to skew towards white women, and wondered how we might make the community more welcome to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). Some of us were thrilled that this person bothered to ask this question. Others felt this community was not the place for this kind of discussion.

I have considered posting this response within that community but I have concerns about my voice getting lost in the mix. I also worry my comments will disappear as has happened with the…

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