Planning September

Review August:

CANIS foundations (19 different skills on rotation) – A few times each week.

Throwback pic to when he was a very smol pupper!

Agility – No focus here, but the occasional practice of collecting and sends and crosses. It needs a lot more intensive work.

TEAM – We have some progress on the scent, with occasional sustained nose touches and a small understanding of hot and cold. This too needs so much more work.

30 days of heeling – We have finished it and phased it out, mostly, but occasionally still run little practices. He can do a good 8-10 focused steps, including turns, halts and position changes before Cookies! I’m very impressed with his progress.

30 days of retrieve – Since I had no group to share this with, it’s been so-so focus, but I have worked on both duration (4-8 seconds) and distraction (my hand moving to the food) with the Hold.

Recallers – I’m better with the odds and ends than foundations, but we have had a lot of progress with offered sits and stays, both out of his kennel, and in front of the door. He offers faster (within 5-10 seconds), and holds the stay better with distractions (couple of jumps from me). His name-response is improving at least in low distraction environments, and we are getting some great enthusiasm at kids suggesting games.

Other stuff: We had a run to the vet, as a lump on his toe grew pink and obvious. Turns out to be benign, but the cut where the vet took a sample has been slow in healing. He has used his boot a little, but it’s hard to secure – particularly when he runs around like he usually does!

Planning September:

Recallers: Running in the background daily. Modules 1, 2, 3. I want to focus on reward zones (right and left), building up from sit into offered position, this month.

Primary is agility – the first week we’re just getting back into the habit, with warm-ups, jumping and recapping various crosses. After that, I’m going to run through as much as we can manage of the agility book, and maybe do some sequences the last week.

Secondary is TEAM (the obedience titling program I started looking at early this year). I want to particularly focus on the following exercises:

  • 1.9 continue with scent training. There is a self-study class I’m considering, but there is also an in-person nosework class with Canis Bergen in October, so… I will work on this weekly anyway, throughout the month.
  • 1.7 send over jump. I need to get the criteria clear on this – distance, height, positioning, whether my cone+stick setup is good enough for the program, etc. Week 40
  • 1.5 revisit backups. Weeks 36 and 37.
  • and 1.3 rework the fronts – with a particular focus on closeness. Weeks 38, 39

CANIS – if not daily, at least several times a week. The website I’m using to keep track of everything ( helps me hold my criteria at my fingertips, so it’s easier to just jump in and progress a little.

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